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Bismihi Teala:     

“God ‘s of which is Compassionate(private friends) and slaves with hamility  walk to face of the earth. Ignorant when tangled up of oneself says beautiful and soft word .”Kuran-ı Kerim Furkan Suresi 25/63 “You race the goodness and godliness. ” Kuran-ı Kerim el-Maide Suresi 2  “There are people of which in inspritaion and discovery in my community.” Hadisi Şerif-Sahih-i Buhari,Fezail 16 In time a lot of  definition of Islamıc Mysticism is done.Some of are these: Ma’ruf el-Kerhi(K.S): ”Islamıc Mysticism,is take the truth, don’t the to set one’s heard thing find of in people’s hands.” Cüneyd-i Bağdadi(K.S) ”:Islamıc Mysticism is to kill you from you and to revive you with himself.” Again Hz. Cuneyd said that:”Islamıc Mysticism is,to protect the times.”İt is slave’s to know one’s place,to agrement the God and don’t be present with no time (to be satisfy yourself.)  İmam Gazali(K.S): “ İslamıc Mysticism is to tie the heart only God,to cut the relation from slave .” Ask to Cuneyd-i Bağdadi(K.S) “What is the Islamıc Mysticism,He answers that manner:It is to cut the relation with creature, to be  with God. Ruveym b. Ahmed(K.S): “Islamic Mysticism is,to delivery the sensuality God ‘s will pawer.” Semnun (K.S): “Islamic Mysticism is, don’t to posses nothing to you, you to nothing too.”       İbn-i Ata said that: “Islamic Mysticism is, with God (to delivery slave’s oneself with no condition to God’s  will power).”Ebu  Yakub Süsi said that: “Sofi is, don’t to bother the cause and don’t to interprent the request.”(Because,he sees the God not the cause, he knows that a thing not to be wish and will power, it to be with appreciation). Someone ask the, “What is the Islamic Mysticism to Cüneyd (k.s)said so that: “Islamic Mysticism  is to arrive the mystery and the spirit to God.Road of to be worth to this is to be perisable the sensuality of cause .Although this to be with power spirit and to be with God.” Şibli (k.s) anwered this question “Why were the Sofis said the Sofi?”:Because, Sofis have got qualities,figure existing.To be thus is theirs sign.If you have got the quality and the figures don’t be existing be theirs sign that time no have the quality and figure has been theirs sign.”Şibli, have explain the why was Sofi said Sofi with to have quality and figure, don’t to accept  the Sofi arrive the real degree and don’t to be official quality and figure.(There isn’t any quality and picture at the real Sofi who don’t arrive this degree is Sofis has been quality and figure said that Sofiye). Bayazid Bistami(k.s)said that: “Sofies are the babies at the God’ s breast(and protection).(Like a mother to confidence the baby’s necessity God confidence theirs necessity). Ebu Abdullah Nebaci(k.s): “Islamıc Mysticism is like folly ill.At the beginnig human act unreasonably. But if this state to settle down the oneself become ruby.That is Sofi At the beginning discuss his mode,explain knowledge with his state.But it is opened his discovery he silence as to remain amazement.”(His intention is to explain with word don’t be good state in Sofi’s,at the end of the arriving Islamıc Mysticism to remain in a amazement and to be silent.To be silent is superior than word). I had been heard Faris’s said so that : “One‘s own personality wish to stop in front of the human big and important work,it becomes to preference topic of directest.That time this state is hit and spread out.When to meet mode,is pulled between sensuality with sensuality’s wish,that time always isn’t pound found anything to became silent.”(when the human is presented with his sensuality it become to prefer the best movement. Because of that he explain the state with word. If you pass oneself another thing doesn’t become topic than to be silent). What is the Islamıc Mysticism to asked Ebu Hüseyn Nuri’ye (k.s),He said that : “To spread the mode and to be reach the consistency. All right What is the Sofi’s morality is asked he said that: It is to please anothers and not to see the cruelty than them.  “To spread the mode” is Sofi remit the only oneself state with science language not the anoter one’s state. “To be reach the consistency” is meaning Sofi’s state take away the in his state but to be obstacle the another one’s state.Ebu Hüseyn Nuri’s that poetry read to us about this topic: “You give the such a state to me I didn’t explain the necessity to my state. How does the anyone explain the his intention with word?”“State, didn’t become translator the owner state, It isn’t possible to make information the state to make claim.”(As much as It must be open the God fear state interior so that it musn’t be to explain this with word).  If to make definition in general as a science, We can make definition “Islamıc mysticism is a science to excape bad qualitys in human’s heart, good quality in heart and road of win them;to clip the spiritual degree; which is the highest degree the rules of to arrive the intelligent human and the end of to remit the to believe the its mystery         “Islamıc Mysticism is morality of the Quran.It is deep of Resulullah’s state, shariat’s thin customs, Islamıc Mysticism isn’t egoism.It is another, personality, mercy, affection, service, isn’t it chatterbox, it is cordiality,good purpose and wisdom. It is school of heart cleanliness, knowledge, exalted and good works. It is to become road and method of intelligent. It isn’t bad state, ıt is beautiful state. It is rose opposite of the stone, antidote opposite of the poison, it is glory to eyes, pleasure to heart.    Islamıc Mysticism’s Topic: Islamıc Mysticism is a science of the state to win the God’s satisfied and to arrive the endless felicity for clean the sensuality,dischory the morality,to illuminate interrior and extemal to accuit the face and human’s interrior. Islamıc Mysticism is a science for to live and to know, it topic come in Islam’s west direction “faith”,grant and to know the God too. In addition relating to special terms  of Islamıc Mysticism is topics of them. For example, to know your sensuality, to know your heart, to clean your sensuality, to clean your heart, to open on, observation, modes, states ,neamess, to arrive bad permanent, drunkard, sign insprition etc.  Islamıc Mysticism’s Aim:  Hz. Prophet (s.a.v) is determined “I’m sent fot to complete the beautiful morality,” So that he explain Why is he sent as a end of Prophet. Also Islamıc Mysticism’s aim is to show road of to arrive big morality’s degree for all matter to fallow the Hz.Prophet’s road with esteem interior and outside ripeness to show becoming his real heir. Islamıc Mysticism’s aim is to morality with Prophet’s morality for to win the God’s consent to clean the sensuality, trying to be beautiful morality.  Islamıc Mysticism’s Peculiarities:  

  1. It is a science to be understood with spiritual  experiment.
  2. Islamıc Mysticism’s knowledge topic is like to know asto God’s.
  3. Becoming as a utilization science Islamıc Mysticism is learnt with means of guide.
  4. Islamıc Mysticism isn’t ascience teaming to read in book, because it is experience.
  5. Islamıc Mysticism’s knowledge fountain isn’t limited with wisdom, philosophy and as word.

                Islamıc Mysticism’s Appear: In period of time Hz.Prophet (s.a.v) Islamıc Mysticism  isn’t there as a name. But it is existent as a contents. Because,Islamıc Mysticism is to keep the right Islam’s transmitter dimension to human’s live as near a consistensy. To pass in Quran ;Like believer in Islam prayer personality, repentance, consent heart work’s how to becoma true to give from Quran and Sunna, as a utilization to teach they are realists; Sofis.In happy time Islamıc Mysticism name is Believer in Islam. It has been become after Hz.Prophet to widden the Islam’s conquest, to get spoil in fight to send Muslims in a comfort and happiness; It is became this science as a independent mode appear. Some Muslims to turn the riches, money  and world pooperty Some of the other Muslims to continue his clean believings  and to send from God’s not to go outside, to go Hz. Prophet’s rood to hold superior.  First time Islamıc Mysticism to make appear as a independent science  in Basra.First period Sofis’s all of are realist. First before person of to give name of  Sofi is Ebu Haşim Sofi(ö.150/767).First dervish lodge city of Reml in Suriye is Ebur Haşim’s dervish lodge. To start with Ebu Haşim believer in Islam movements, They are spreat to Islam citys in a short time. So that to name of  before order of dervishes Islamıc Mysticism this time Sofis are not much. Sufyan Servi (K.S) is the first of to give movement accupation of  Sufiyye.  






Bir Ayet

Sure: Kasas (28)
Ayet :66
   فَعَمِيَتْ عَلَيْهِمُ الْأَنبَاء يَوْمَئِذٍ فَهُمْ لَا يَتَسَاءلُونَ
28.Ne var ki, o Gün, geçmişte olup bitenler için bir mazeret, bir açıklama getirmek yönünde önlerinde bütün yolların kapanmış olduğunu görecekler; ve bu konuda birbirlerine de herhangi bir şey soramayacaklar.